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Track Prices and Options-2015  
Open Practice Sunday £30 per rider
Open Practice Wednesday £30 per rider
Open Practice Beginner Track £20 per rider

Private Hire

Priced for 20 riders (30 riders optional maximum)

This option is only available for any weekday other than Wednesday that is available at the time of the booking. The organiser of the booking is responsible for collecting the money to be paid on the morning of the event. A deposit is payable at the time of the booking.

Riding time is from 10am til 4pm.

£600 for up to 20 riders. To give the organiser some room for riders who may drop out we now offer up to a maximum of 30 riders. Each rider above the 20 is charged at £30 each.

If the group is either all adults or all schoolboys, it will run as open circuit 10 til 4.

If the group is mixed, then schoolboys and adults must run separately at times of your choice. This is now an unnegotiable requirement of our insurers.

Please email for any further information or booking inquiries.

£600 for up to 20 riders

(from 20 to 30 riders charged at £30 per rider)