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Welcome, Golding Barn Raceway is a professional moto-cross practice and race facility set in a picturesque valley in the South Downs. It is built and run by Danny and Steve Beamish. Steve is an ex professional moto-cross racer with National, International and Grand Prix experience. Danny has also had a lot of National and International racing experience.
Along with a team of helpers they run practice days at the venue for riders of all standards and ages.


The KTM Moto-cross Experience also runs at Golding Barn approximately twice a month throughout the year.For further details on the KTM moto-cross experience please visit their website at

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Golding Barn Raceway News...  (June 3rd 2020)


Having had time (LOTS OF TIME!) to look at what we do here at Golding Barn and assess the whole set-up, we have decided that WE WILL NOT RE-OPEN AS A REGULAR PRACTICE TRACK OR PRIVATE HIRE VENUE IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE.


The circuit will remain in regular use by Barry Johnson and his KTM mx Experience days and in time we will look at running random events/practice days.


We would very much like to thank everyone that has used our practice facility during the last 20 years and especially those who have used it regularly. It has been a pleasure meeting many nice people and making new friends along the way.


I'm sure this will come as a shock to many, but if you are interested I will explain a little more the reasons for this decision;


Firstly, we have put in a solid 20 year commitment to opening on a regular basis which in itself is a huge tie and takes it's toll.

Secondly, with the weather generally becoming more extreme, in the South East especially, we find ourselves having to cancel more and more days due to the track being un-rideable because of the wet weather followed quickly by running out of water to keep the dust down. The hard packed ground type here doesn't work well without a proper water source which we don't have unfortunately. We had a borehole drilled some years ago at a large expense only to find it would not yield enough water to help our cause.

So we feel we will now just look at providing quality rather than quantity events as and when we decide the time is right.


For now, thankyou again and we will keep everyone informed of any future events as or when they materialise...






Postcode  -  BN5 9XH





As from 1st August 2016 we no longer allow goggle tear-offs on track.

Please be prepared to use roll offs if necessary.

We would very much appreciate all riders being respectful of this ruling, we feel it is now necessary for our track to survive within its rural surroundings. Thankyou.



Anyone interested in following the next generation of Beamish Moto-cross racers please check out

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* Please note -

  • The minimum age for a rider to ride at Golding Barn is 6 years old.
  • We do not permit auto's to ride on the main circuit.

We apologise to those affected by these rules but for insurance purposes we must act within the guidelines that have been given to us.



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